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The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is "to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the Church."

The membership of this club is composed of those students from grades 10th-12th who have a GPA of at least 3.5.  The Beta Club provides service projects for the school and the community.

This is a service club and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Amite. The club has 36 members who are first approved by the school and then voted upon by the club members.  They submit an application for membership if they are interested in being a member of Interact.  The club has service projects for the school and the community; as well as several fundraising projects each year.  Funds earned are used to send members to District Interact Convention.

This club is composed of students in grades 7th-9th who have a GPA of at least 3.5.  This club performs services projects for the school and community throughout the year.

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as a liaison between the student body and the Administration.  At the end of each school year, grades 6th-11th elect SGA senators, as well as the SGA President and Vice-President. Two students from the upcoming grades 7th-12th are selected to serve as senators.  The outgoing President and Vice-President represent the senior class the following year.

The Booster Club assumes most of the financial responsibility for all of the sports programs at the school.  All families with a student participating in any athletic program are required to join. Families without a student participating are also encouraged to join and take advantage of membership benefits. To receive maximum benefits, families should join at the beginning of the school year.

All Booster Club members are required to participate in Booster Club activities including fundraisers, work days, working at athletic events, etc. Booster Club meetings are held weekly during football season; and monthly thereafter.  All Booster Club members are encouraged to attend meetings.

The Patron’s Club was established in 2006 by a group of grandparents of students, both past and present and friends of Oak Forest Academy who desire to work together to add financially to the school. The Patron’s Club works diligently to raise funds to purchase items for the school that are considered to be the “extras” for students and faculty. The Patron’s Club meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

The Teacher-Parent Club (TPC) is an organization composed of parents of Oak Forest Academy students, as well as teachers and other Oak Forest Academy family. The TPC is instrumental in volunteering to assist teachers in various activities and raising funds that directly benefit the students and teachers.

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