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January 13th for the February 11th test

March 3rd for the April 8th test

May 5th for the June 10th test 




Every high school student planning to attend a post-secondary school must fill out a FAFSA form. The deadline for filing FAFSA on the we is June 30, 2017. However, it is much better to submit it as soon as possible. Each college has specific deadlines for applications and applications cannot be submitted unless you have filled out a FAFSA form.




Almost all male U.S. citizens and male immigrants, who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service. You must be registered for selective service before FAFSA will be processed.  

Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship:

Competition is open to all high school seniors who are U.S. citizens and are planning careers of service to the United States in local, state, or federal government. All awards are for one year. DEADLINE IS JANUARY 15TH.

Walmart Scholarship

Students must have a 2.5 GPA to qualify for this $1000 scholarship. Applications can only be obtained at a Walmart store. DEADLINE IS JANUARY 14TH.

Louisiana Solid Waste Association Scholarship:

Any student can apply for this scholarship. Each student will need 3 letters of recommendation (academic professional, community leader, and person of your choice). Each student will also write a 150-250 word essay addressing the issues stated in the application packet. See Loren Lee for application form. DEADLINE IS JANUARY 27TH.

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